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The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

Buy a Dachsie; help a Dachsie! AUCTION!

Let me preface this with some background, in case you do not follow my twitter.

My mothers dachshund, Phoenix, had been taken to the vet Monday for some routine...poo issues. In any case, what was originally thought to be a stomach bug turned out to be a large tumor. We found out yesterday that it was indeed cancer. Phoenix is not even two years old yet, so the vet was shocked, but has recommended my mother to a specialist, and she wants to do all she can to save Phoenix! Shes a little monster, so we are all hoping for the best! This isn't going to be easy on my mom in any regard, since Phoenix is her baby. She loves that dog so much! So to ease her stress a little, I've decided to make some plush dachshunds. I'll be giving every dollar made on these to my mom to help with Phoenix's care.

And here is my favourite photo of the little beast:

So yeah, If you'd like to help out and get a cute plush, read on!

I will be selling three! of these cuties to help out!

~This "blonde" dachsie is up for sale, as well as two "your choice" dachshunds! I will create them in a colour of your choosing, I currently have many bright albeit "unnatural" animal colours. Blues, greens, purples etc. You can also decide if you want teeth, and some other small details

^^Colours I have available on hand^^

~They will be handsewn from minky with love, and wrapped up with a big bow to go to their new home! I can't promise they'll be paper trained, they are puppies after all!

~Auction starts today and will end Monday February 28th at 6pm EST this auction is quick because we need to get Phoenix in treatment ASAP!

~Please reply to the previous high bidder so that they will receive a notification email. Bids not placed in the proper thread cannot be counted, but I will do my best to let you know so you can correct it!

~Shipping will be covered by the winner, it should not be more than $8 priority in the US, I'm not sure about international. If you give me your country I can look it up!

~If these auctions go past $200 we can talk about "supersizing" your plush. I'd be willing to make a pretty huge dachsie, 30-40inches long! Think "body pillow" size. Otherwise, they will be as large as the one shown, about 12 inches from nose to tail.

~If the auction goes past $500, I can throw in a small custom plush in addition to upsizing your pup. The more we can raise to help, the better, and I'm willing to take on some more work if need be. I would not be able to start til April, and I'll edit the auction info here if we do reach that mark.

~Thank you for just looking at this auction, it means a bunch! If you cannot bid, spreading the word is even greatly appreciated!

~Facebook/twitter friends; If you want to bid and don't have an LJ account, private message me and I can update with your bid in the appropriate thread.
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