The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet (sapphire_kun) wrote in mango_island,
The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

Pokemon Plush auctions!

So recently I've been working on some plush as side projects, and I decided to make some pokemon!

So I finished up my first three, and they are up for auction, as well as ONE slot for a custom pokemon plush.

Up for auction are three plush and one custom plush spot.

General auction info!

-bid increments of $1
-All auctions end April 28th at 11:59pm
-No sniping please! I will extend the auction one hour if a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes to prevent this.
-Please respond to the appropriate thread to bid! There will be a separate thread for questions!
-Winning bidder is responsible for shipping costs
-Payment is to be made within one week of auctions end, or the item will be relisted. (I am happy to work out payment plans, but please discuss with me first!)

Shiny Espeon and Umbreon Plush

-Each plush stands about 8 inches tall from their feet to their heads.
-Espeon is made from super soft minky, and Umbreon is made from cuddly fleece. Both are handmade from my own patterns with machine and hand sewn details.
-Stuffed with polyfil
-Each starts at $35

Luxray Plush

-Luxray stands about 8 inches tall from its feet to its head.
-Luxray is made of cuddly fleece and is handmade from my own patterns with machine and hand sewn details.
-Stuffed with polyfil.
-Starts at $50

Custom Plush Slot
-Minky or Fleece material choice will be determined at end of auction
-Plush will range from 6-10 inches in size (most likely will stand 8 inches)
-Pokemon only! No personal characters this time please.
-This covers "average" pokemon. Complicated pokemon such as Giratina, Arceus etc. may incur an additional charge depending on the end price of the auction.
-This is a commission slot- I require only 30% of the final cost upfront, the rest along with shipping costs is not due until completion.
-Please allow 1-3 months for completion, you will be worked into my current queue.
-Starts at $40

Give them a good home!
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