The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet (sapphire_kun) wrote in mango_island,
The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

just updated the queue, TBH with all of you guys, I haven't been checking emails lately @.@ If you have a question about your order do not hesitate to AIM me at mangoislandarts.

I'm much better with discussing one on one.

I've still got a long way to go before I can catch up completely and as such, I think it is for the best that I do not take any new orders until July, after Anthrocon. My life has been pretty nuts and I'm really hoping I can have it rectified soon. Its just been a shitstorm since November, but with spring brings new growth and change, both in the seasons and in the mind.

I would really like to get on the ball before I take on any new commissions as I have been working slower than a snail with my current conditions and its not fair to anyone.

I have a lot of things to upload but haven't really sat down with the camera in awhile, should have a bunch posted on Monday, at the latest.
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