January 13th, 2010

Tribal saph

Some questions for you guys

So I've been very busy working to catch up. Waking up on time, trying to keep a 10-6 schedule (though I haven't mastered that yet, still working into the night!) I twitter most progress, and as that covers a lot, I think I'm only going to use the LJ as a "summary" of my weeks worth of work, but does anyone not have a twitter want me to have twitter updates shipped here?

I also posted my DIY werewolves up for sale on Sunday, and whoa, I sold them all already!! Thanks so mucn guys! I had 4, and listed 3 for sale as I was holding one for a customer. Since they bought one of the etsy listed ones, I'm not sure what to do with the fourth! I'm very much debating between just listing it to etsy, or finishing it up and selling it as a completed mask.

If I was to finish it up, I'd probably make it into a black wolf/beast inspired by Gmork of the Neverending Story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_of_The_Neverending_Story#Gmork

So basically I ask you, which you would prefer to see, he'll have to wait until I can catch up, regardless.

Catching up is rough. We've been learning the process of dyeing sweatshirt fleece to get colours I can't purchase. And by we, I mean Clawed, as he doesn't mind helping out with the little things and I am grateful for that. In any case, dyeing is okay, but we have to process the colours a few times to get them to reach dark shades. After this batch, I'm probably going to limit the number of zip-up hoodies until we can find a quicker technique for dyeing. Its just burning us out a little bit, so I'd just like to blast out kigus for awhile. I'll still take a handful!

And on the topic of kigus, with the next batch I will be offering them in "summer" fabric, so those of you in warm climates will overheat no more! Its basically the same fabric as a tshirt, so its nice and light, but still has a good drapery to it :3

Okay so finally on the topic of opening commissions. I have not been answering emails as of late, just because I've been busy busy making things. Please give me until the end of January to answer you. If you are a current customer and absolutely NEED me, please AIM me at mangoislandarts. If you have some quick questions, feel free to IM me as well. I am open for fursuit commissions, right now we're looking at june/july completion times. I am NOT open for hoodies or kigus. I'm hoping to be by February.

Thank you guys for being such great customers and being so patient! You guys are saints!