Mango Island is OPEN FOR QUOTES!

We are now officially open for fursuit quotes!

You can apply for a set character here:

or an artistic liberty character here:

Quotes will only be open until we fill up our open slots! Slots are not first come, first serve. We choose suits that we know will work with our unique style and that furs and materials are readily available for.

These suits will be worked on from November 2011-March 2012.

We will be opening for hoodies and kigurumis again in December :D

Mango Island Creations Terms of Service

Once you've obtained a quote and your project has been verified and accepted to be completed by Mango Island you are hereby responsible to pay the full quoted amount given.

We require a 30% payment of your quoted final total as a non-refundable deposit to hold a place in our queue. Payment methods can be made in the form paypal transfer. We do accept money order as well. If you'd prefer this method of payment, just let us know in a private email.

Once we have received your payment we will schedule out when your project will be completed. We can accept payments towards your project in increments or in a final lump sum. Increments may be no smaller than $100.00 at any time. All final payments must be received no later than 30 days after your project is completed. You will be asked for the final payment when your project is nearing completion. If you choose increments you are expected to pay on the schedule we agree to with the amount that has been agreed upon.

The completion date of your project is chosen by Mango Island Creations. We no longer offer set deadlines such as conventions. If your project happens to line up with a convention we are attending we can work out delivery there, but this cannot be requested otherwise. If at any time you wish to change the deadline of your project you must email Mango Island Creations for approval. All changes to project deadlines are completely at the discretion of Mango Island.

While you are waiting for your project you can email us for status updates, but typically once we have begun we will inform you by updating our twitter status. Our twitter can be found at . If you have any questions throughout the process please don't hesitate to bring them and we will get back to you as quickly as we are able! Twitter is the quickest way to contact us for small questions, as we mostly use our mobile devices and it can be tricky to answer lengthy emails on them.

If you are ordering a fursuit and your concept art confuses us in any way, we may request more art to get a better idea of the character, typically this is not the case. If you have ordered a hoodie or kigurumi and provided regular artwork of your character, we will provide you with a mockup of your project before we sew it. Once it is approved we can get sewing!

We do not reproduce copywritten characters unless you yourself hold the copyright. Please do not ask us to remake a character that is already in our gallery. We only make one of a kind creations.

We ship worldwide! The costs of shipping will be included in your initial quote from us.

All projects have a warranty on them of 6 months in which you are responsible for the shipping costs of the item to and from the maker. The warranty however only covers natural damage and not repairs that would fall under owner negligence.For example, If you set your item on fire, we are not responsible to fix it. If you disregard rules on how to properly maintain and care for your project, we are not responsible for it's repairs.

You will be provided with a care sheet for your item when you receive it. If you are curious about any part of the creation process or care of your project after it is received, do not hesitate to ask any questions! We're here to help!

By paying your non-refundable deposit you thereby agree to these terms of service.

Buy a Dachsie; help a Dachsie! AUCTION!

Let me preface this with some background, in case you do not follow my twitter.

My mothers dachshund, Phoenix, had been taken to the vet Monday for some routine...poo issues. In any case, what was originally thought to be a stomach bug turned out to be a large tumor. We found out yesterday that it was indeed cancer. Phoenix is not even two years old yet, so the vet was shocked, but has recommended my mother to a specialist, and she wants to do all she can to save Phoenix! Shes a little monster, so we are all hoping for the best! This isn't going to be easy on my mom in any regard, since Phoenix is her baby. She loves that dog so much! So to ease her stress a little, I've decided to make some plush dachshunds. I'll be giving every dollar made on these to my mom to help with Phoenix's care.

And here is my favourite photo of the little beast:

So yeah, If you'd like to help out and get a cute plush, read on!

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Custom plush auction!

Today I am posting a very special auction here! I get a lot of commission requests for plush, however I don't really take plush commissions all that often. So I am auctioning off one spot for a commission that will be completed in time to give as a holiday gift! Specifically, you will have it in hand by December 24th! (If you celebrate something else, just let me know your deadline and we can work it out :3)


So if you've been wanting one, go for it!

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Hey folks!
Newest member of Mango Island here, Pursuit. We have closed the Island for quotes! We got a ton of awesome requests and have chosen the projects we will be working on. If you didn't make it OR you're waiting to save up, don't worry! We're reopening for quotes in around October/November.

ALSO be sure to friend us as we'll be unveiling lots of special projects and pre-made items that you definitely won't want to miss out on!!
Tribal saph

(no subject)

What do YOU want to see at AC?

Mango Island has a table this year! I am considering creating a few premade plush, maybe a hoodie or two, and perhaps a premade fursuit! I am still on the fence about making kigus to sell as they did not do so great last year.

These items can be a little pricey, but I will be able to take paypal via my iphone.

What do you think I should make? I always love to hear what everybody has to say!

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Woo, been busy here, and I unfortunately keep forgetting to keep tabs on progress with photo updates lately. I will try to get some tomorrow.

Things I should be finishing this week:

-Dream wolfs tribal wolf suit
-oddishness hoodie
-raptie kigurumi

i will most definetely be working on much more, but I am working on a lot at once and most of it is in middle stages of progress.

One of my sewing machines has decided to poop out again, however I am borrowing a close friends so I can get eyes and stuff on hoodies and kigus.

If you have a particular deadline and you haven't let me know yet, please AIM me at mangoislandarts ASAP and we will get sorted,

Tooie and Kimba! I need your measurements. If you see this poke me on aim, I'm on most of the time, email is okay too. I will poke you later if you miss this, I'm just headed to bed right now.

(no subject)

just updated the queue, TBH with all of you guys, I haven't been checking emails lately @.@ If you have a question about your order do not hesitate to AIM me at mangoislandarts.

I'm much better with discussing one on one.

I've still got a long way to go before I can catch up completely and as such, I think it is for the best that I do not take any new orders until July, after Anthrocon. My life has been pretty nuts and I'm really hoping I can have it rectified soon. Its just been a shitstorm since November, but with spring brings new growth and change, both in the seasons and in the mind.

I would really like to get on the ball before I take on any new commissions as I have been working slower than a snail with my current conditions and its not fair to anyone.

I have a lot of things to upload but haven't really sat down with the camera in awhile, should have a bunch posted on Monday, at the latest.